l10n (fr_FR) : First Release (ver 2.16.3-rc1)

LAMBERT Olivier URS TOULOUSE olivier.lambert at francetelecom.com
Wed Jun 4 13:39:23 UTC 2003

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I've finished translating Bugzilla version 2.16.3

I've not created a savanah/sourceforge/whatever you want project yet...

Here comes the first Releace Candidate of french translation.

Still need to add extra documentation, such as how to install it (cf
official doc), and so on...

If you find parts where I Forgot a translation, ugly parts or misspelled
words, feel free too feedback at ceituna at ardilla.asso.fr


PS : the reason why I haven't open a project yet, is that Firewall rules
are not very permissive at work (mail and few web-sites), and personnal
Internet access is not ready yet.

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