Ageing Reports in Bugzilla --- Attention David & Jason....

Madhava Challa cmadhav at
Mon Jun 2 07:09:23 UTC 2003

David & Jason,

1. I am using Bugzilla version : 2.16.1

2. I want to generate a report of P1s pending OVER 1 WEEK.

and NOT P1s created during last 1 week.

3. After selecting [Bug_creation] in the list box, I gave the following 
criteria: ....

Start Date : 2002-01-01 (Older than the first bug in our installation)

End Date : I tried several different combinations...

-7d ----> did'nt work...

as well as

#7d -----> did'nt work...

as well as

Now -7d ----> did'nt work...

Please help...


>Which bugzilla version are you using?
>on the tip I use #d and in version 2.16.2 I use #

>ex: 2.16.2: 7 Now
    2.17.4: 7d Now

>jason pyeron

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>From: David Miller <justdave at>
>Reply-To: developers at
>To: developers at
>Subject: Re: Ageing Reports in Bugzilla
>Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 18:17:06 -0400
>On 6/1/2003 10:11 PM +0000, Madhava Challa wrote:
> > All Open P1 bugs pending for more than 7 days.
> >
> >
> > The defn of Pending = Pending since bug creation.
> >
> > I was trying to do it in a manner where I am not hard-coding any date in 
> > query. Unfortunately, Bugzy does'nt seem to support direct querying on 
> > date" (meaning creation date). Or I could not figure out an easy way to 
> > it...
>In the "Bug Changes" section, "[creation date]" changed between "7 days
>ago" and "now".  (it's not a well-known fact that you can use relative
>dates there, but you can :)
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