Ageing Reports in Bugzilla

Madhava Challa cmadhav at
Sun Jun 1 22:11:28 UTC 2003

Hello All,

I am trying to produce Aging Reports/Metrics in our Bugzilla installation 
for our project. Our client is concerned  about turn around time (bug fix 
time) on P1s & P2s on our project.

I tried for a couple of hours today and could not figure out an easy and 
clean way of doing such queries every week in our Bugzilla installation.

For example : I was trying to generate a report of

All Open P1 bugs pending for more than 7 days.


The defn of Pending = Pending since bug creation.

I was trying to do it in a manner where I am not hard-coding any date in the
query. Unfortunately, Bugzy does'nt seem to support direct querying on "Open
date" (meaning creation date). Or I could not figure out an easy way to do

Has anyone tried something like this ? Let me know.


Madhava Challa, PMP
Director (Delivery),
Satyam Computer Services,
Onsite at Health Care Authority, State of Washington,
Cell : 203-545-2642

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