Bugzilla->instance and friends

Jouni Heikniemi jth at mikrobitti.fi
Wed Jan 29 11:08:17 UTC 2003

At 21:31 29.1.2003 +1100, you wrote:
>So, the alternative is to use Class::Singleton either directly (or just
>use the standard ||= construct), possibly with Apache::Singleton too
>(despite the name, this sort of works without mod_perl, although the
>install tests fail). To get a template, you then:

Why is that class called Apache::Singleton? Is there something that should 
be abstracted out using something less Apache-specific? I don't know if 
Apache::Singleton is anything bad (I really know nothing about it), but 
having something like that in the code sounds like a potential disaster for 
people using other web server software. While it may be harmless now, it 
might not be that in every possible environment or in the future.


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