Bugzilla in the running for Product Excellence Award

Jim Walters jimw at bugopolis.com
Sun Jan 26 22:47:24 UTC 2003

After the ceremony I couldn't help but say, "IBM - You're goin' down!" :-)

Just got back to Seattle this morning. I'll write up something on the 
feedback we got and share it later this afternoon. But Bugzilla is 
defnately is the right app for the business model we are using. /*Lots*/ 
of people want to use it because it has a great reputation.


J. Paul Reed wrote:

>On Sun, 26 Jan 2003, David Miller wrote:
>>But as of Saturday morning I'll be darned if I can find word of who won.
>>I haven't looked yet today, but half the net seems to be down thanks to
>>this MSSQL worm that's going around so I haven't had much luck surfing
>>this morning.
>It warn't us.
>Websphere Studio Appl. Developer V.5 won.
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