os groups patch (feedback request)

Jonathan Schatz jon at vmware.com
Fri Jan 24 03:31:04 UTC 2003

i've completed my first working version of this code.the patch (against
HEAD)is here:


the archive contains two files:


patch your cvs tree with the patch file, and copy editopsys.cgi into
your bugzilla root directory.

this code provides an interface to edit os's like keywords or
milestones. this code also allows you to logically group os's together
for easy querying. a sample group is created ("All Windows") when
checksetup.pl is run. 

warning: this code will alter the structure of your db. make a backup
first. it works fine on my machine, but i can't make any guarantees for

i'd love to get some feedback here. i'm going to attach this to a bug or
two eventually, but i have to figure out which ones first :-)


Jonathan Schatz
Engineering System Administrator
VMware, Inc
"Te occidere possunt sed te edere non possunt nefas est."

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