Using DBI

Gervase Markham gerv at
Fri Jan 17 20:11:42 UTC 2003

> The old *SQL functions are still there.  You have to "use Bugzilla::DB qw(
> :deprecated )" to get them, but they're there.  

This is kind of depressing - mostly because, as Jonathan says, the new 
functions are really ugly. Not necessarily to use, but certainly to look 
at. Currently, at lot of our code is really nice, because it doesn't 
have constructs like
     my $dbh = $Bugzilla->instance->dbh;
     return $dbh->selectrow_array("SELECT id FROM products WHERE name=?",
all over it.

Is there no way we can keep the old interface, or something resembling 
it? For example:

use Bugzilla::DBI; # (or some other package)
my @products = SelectRow("SELECT id FROM products WHERE name=?", $prod);

[As a sidenote, I note from today's Slashdot interview that AMI (the 
BIOS people) use Bugzilla internally.]


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