mysql version dependencies?

Bradley Baetz bbaetz at
Sat Jan 11 05:04:40 UTC 2003

On Sat, Jan 11, 2003 at 03:33:25PM +1100, Bradley Baetz wrote:
> The 3.23.40 changelogs for mysql do say: "Fixed a bug when using
> COUNT(DISTINCT) with LEFT JOIN and there weren't any matching rows."
> We do use that, but on the LHS of the join. Does 3.23.40 work? IF so, we
> should update the required mysql version.

... and now having actually read the post on npm.webtools, I think thats
what its likely to be.

The bug report/fix (
looks very similar to this, but it doesn't have a workarround.

So we should probably update the mysql requirements then. Debian stable
has 3.23.49, whilst RH7.1 has .36, 7.2 has .41, and 7.3 has .49.

IOW, keeping .41 as the minimum will let us keep RH7.2 out-of-the-box
requirements. Since we no longer trigger the bug in .44, we should
probably have 3.23.41 as the minimum supported version.



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