Bugzilla in Java?

Jim Walters jimw at bugopolis.com
Sat Jan 11 00:21:18 UTC 2003

So the objective has to be to have the Perl/CGI code concurrently operating
on the same live database as the Java code. A Java work-a-like without this
capability just becomes another defect tracking database

It seems there are at least two types of support you can give this project.
One would be technical assistance in terms of the internals of the Bugzilla
code base and the other would be actual design changes to facilitate the Java
engine. On the second point the question is: How far would you go? The first
type of support seems to happen regardless of what people use the information

The question of alternate front ends (for richer UIs) has been brought up
before in the webtools group. XMLRPC has been brought up a couple of times.
It seems like a reasonable approach. But I'm really curious about Jason sees
the advantage of using Bugzilla is for their project given they are going to
have to do all the app logic and UI in Java.

My $.01.


David Miller wrote:

>Here we go again....   maybe?
>I encourage everyone to take a look at bug 188570
>and offer opinions :)
>We have an offer to port Bugzilla to Java again.  My immediate reaction was
>WONTFIX and pointed him at Scarab as work already done, but he points out
>that Scarab turned out to be a replacement and not a compatible port, and
>he wants a compatible port.
>He's offering to do the work of course, but what kind of support should he
>get?  I'm a bit iffy on it personally.  But if someone keeps it up to date
>I don't see a problem with giving an admin a choice of interfaces.  The
>problem comes with that keeping it up-to-date part.

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