Support for multiple "Locations" in bugzilla

Chris L. Mason cmason at
Fri Feb 28 16:08:33 UTC 2003

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My company uses bugzilla extensively internally.  We use it both for our
product development and for IT "ticket" issues.

We've done quite a lot of custom development, but a lot of it was hacked
together quickly and isn't implemented in the best way.  Our customized
version is based on version 2.14.

I'm currently reviewing these customizations and will be reimplementing
them in 2.16.2.  Before doing so, I thought it might be a good idea to
check if any of our customizations can be generalized and submitted back
to the bugzilla project.

The first thing I'll be working on is support for multiple "locations".
We've added the ability to set a Location for each bug.  This was done so
that people in one office can just check for bugs related to their office.
(i.e. a desktop user with a problem in San Francisco doesn't concern an IT
staffer in Toronto.)

I would imagine that support for multiple locations could probably be used
more generically by other people as well.  So, I guess the question is,
would this be of use?  Would anyone be interested in a patch that adds
this feature?  (Obviously I'd follow the Developer Guidelines and try to
submit some good clean code.)



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