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Good $daytime,

> Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 23:33:39 +0000
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> Subject: Re: Documentation links

> I can see there might be a localisation issue here, though. What are the 
> chances of the Bugzilla Guide (or at least the user-facing part) 
> appearing in other languages?

I was looking at my Apache log to tell what to translate first.  Now I
feel that complete and consistent html documentation is not something
very often referred from Bugzilla UI.  But pages explaining bug
lifecycle (bugwritinghelp.html, confirmhelp.html, bug_status.html)
are frequent fliers.

BTW, at bug 182975 I was told that help pages are to be templatised.
Given that documentation is generated from SGML anyway, why not
convert it into templates at build time?  Advantages: 

 o  Multilanguage environment made easy;
 o  Ability to refer to actual site environment (known to TT);
 o  Placement and access control issues (mentioned by David 
    at thread start) go away.


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