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J. Paul Reed preed at
Wed Feb 26 11:15:17 UTC 2003

On 26 Feb 2003 at 11:06:28, Gervase Markham moved bits on my disk to say:

> Why? He wants "the first thing the user sees" to be their buglist
> (however a particular person might define "my buglist".) The obvious
> answer is "set your buglist as your homepage."

Well... *maybe* I read the bug wrong, which is why I didn't respond.
Initially, my thought was "templates should be able to fix this."

I thought he wanted it to be: go to (for instance),
click "log in" button on toolbar, login, and have first screen that pops up
be a user's bug list.

Now, I actually went and did that, and I guess it's still doable with
templates, assuming that there would be a way to tell the buglist.cgi
template "I'm prompting you to provide me with a list of bugs, but I don't
know who the user is yet, i.e. 'GoAheadAndLogin' is set, so log the person
in and then deal with my request."

Assuming that buglist.cgi can't do that, maybe *that's* the bug.

> There are a load more bugs in the database whose effects are much more
> dumb than this one.


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