Feedback from FOSDEM

Gervase Markham gerv at
Wed Feb 12 08:46:38 UTC 2003

The audience at FOSDEM gave the following feedback on Bugzilla.

We had one request for the "submit only my comment" feature when you 

During the post-talk discussion, there was a lot of support for a 
"simpler" query page - not as simple as the simple search, but more 
complex than the one-liner on the guided bug reporting form. This could 
be b.m.o.-specific, or it could be general. There was also support for 
changing the default query (used by those not logged in) to include 
UNCONFIRMED and DUPLICATE bugs (i.e. resolution = --- OR DUPLICATE).

A guy from Debian said "I saw all that stuff that Bugzilla does, and 
thought 'We need all of that.' But there's no hope of Debian converting 
without a decent email interface." I said that in order to have one 
which is maintained, we need an organisation which is using it regularly 
:-) But there might be scope here to expand our empire.

Someone (maybe I'll get around to it, maybe not) needs to investigate 
the email interface on debbugs and see how hard it would be to do 
something like it.


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