Regarding CVS -Urgent!!!!!

Christian Reis kiko at
Mon Feb 10 11:57:56 UTC 2003

On Mon, Feb 10, 2003 at 05:00:02PM +0530, geeta wrote:

> I have to integrate the current Bugzilla 2.16.1 with CVS.
> The CVS is installed in another Unix machine. Do I need to have a web
> interface with CVS?
> Is there any free CVS patch available??
> How much time will it take for the integration.

Okay, I need to give a really overdue update here. I'm the one
responsible for coding up a patch for CVS support, and I've actually
done some work on it. It's not very difficult to code once you get the
hang of writing a loginfo script.

Unfortunately, the past month and the next two weeks have been/are the
final period of my MSc work, and I'm hacking on the thesis like a
madman. This has left me without time to work on *anything* except the
damned document, and I'm getting sick of it.

Anyway, this means I still don't have a patch ready. However, I
*commit* myself to working on this on the weekend of Feb 22-23 as this
is one day after the final schedule for delivering the aforementioned
damned document, and have something ready to use on Monday.

As for the web interface, no. What the script does is (roughly) look at
the commit log, scan for a bug number, and make an HTTP connection to
Bugzilla to submit a comment change. It's actually pretty simple, and
should work well. The problems I ran into were related to using the CGI
interface of Bugzilla (if you can call it an interface :) to submit, but
that's solved.

There are some syntax definitions to make, but that can wait till the
basic infrastructure is put together. Sorry for being so late with this,
I'm really embarassed. :-/

Take care,
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