cvs updates

David Miller justdave at
Mon Feb 10 03:29:08 UTC 2003

The following empty directories which have never had any files checked into
them on any branch have been removed from cvs:


If you've been using the "-dP" options with your cvs updates, as
recommended, then you won't even notice.  However, if you've been using
"-d" without the "-dP" or you like to do updates via checking out overtop
of your original, cvs will complain loudly the next time you update until
you remove the entries for those directories from the CVS/Entries file.

If this causes any major problems, I can put them back really easily, but I
kinda doubt anyone will miss them. :)

(I'm getting sick of all the "who the heck added this directory!?!?"
comments, so I went and did something about it :)

Oh, and if you're the person who added those, don't do it again! :)  (ask
Dave Miller      Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System   

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