Patch triage

David Miller justdave at
Sat Feb 8 22:09:41 UTC 2003

On 2/8/03 4:09 PM -0500, David Miller wrote:

> Just FYI for everyone, I just sent Brant Gurganus off on a patch triage
> spree... (thanks Brant!)  We appear to have somewhere between 100 and 200
> patches in that kind of dropped off the radar when we
> switched over to using request flags, and he's going through and requesting
> review "from the wind" on patches that don't have comments in the bug
> indicating they're bad, so we can get them back in the system.

And if you see something that looks funny from what he did, by all means go
and fix it. :)  He's probably getting more on the radar than we need, but
I'd rather get extra stuff and go back and fix it than to have things fall
through the cracks. :)
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