Bugzilla->instance and friends

Bradley Baetz bbaetz at acm.org
Sun Feb 2 06:36:45 UTC 2003

On Sun, Feb 02, 2003 at 01:28:47AM -0500, David Miller wrote:
> On 2/2/03 5:21 PM +1100, Bradley Baetz wrote:
> Well, collectstats.pl isn't trying to create one.  collecstats.pl is trying
> to run a CGI program from the command line and capture its output.  What
> really needs to happen there is for the meat of duplicates.cgi to get
> turned into a .pm file, and have both duplicates.cgi and collectstats.pl
> load that .pm.

Oh, yeah. I forgot about that bit :)

I meant the 'normal' part of collectstats. Ditto for attempting logins.

Anyway, I'll leave the stuff in Bugzilla.pm for the moment, at least.


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