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Namaste-ji Prasad,

aap kaise hai?

-On [20031230 08:52], prasad kadbane (prasad_kadbane at wrote:
>I am a student doing Bachelor of computer Engg in Pune university,
>India.  I am in the final year of degree course and I am doing a
>project based on Bugzilla software. The aim of my project is to link
>Bugzilla with test case repository. Every bug entered in the Bugzilla
>will have a corresponding test case associated with it. The bug can be
>reproduced or demonstrated by running the associated test case.

I am speaking from memory here since I haven't had a chance to mess
with the codebase in a while now (should hopefully change soon):

- you would need to extend the schema with a separate table for the test
  cases (if you could make it non-MySQL specific it would be even

- the main issue is the 'running' part, not every Linux or Unix (let
  alone Windows) machine has the same paths and such for running certain
  scripts, so does 'running' mean you can take the testcase and download
  it to your local box and run it, or is it meant to be run on a main
  testcase/build server?

So I would like to hear your ideas about this. :)

> I want your guidance for the project. So please guide me regarding how and 
>where to modify the source code to establish connectivity between Bugzilla 
>and test case repository.

It all depends on your approach to be honest.

(btw you might want to check the recent archives, since I remember some
postings about this very same subject in the not too distant past.)

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