Joel Peshkin bugreport at
Tue Dec 23 16:44:01 UTC 2003

I guess I should broaden the question a bit and not focus so narrowly on 

Currently, there are lots of places where the UI has to wait until the 
user submits, then let the server side check with the DB, then prompt 
the user.  Take the following examples....
1) User-picker
2) Filling in default owner of newly selected component before asking 
the user if a bug should be reassigned to that owner
3) Early mid-air detection
4) Selecting new component and version on product change
5) Early validation of bug numbers in dependencies, etc...

While each of these would still need to have a non-javascript dependent 
mechanism as well, the UI could be made better if the javascript running 
in the browser had a way of getting the information it needed.  
Currently, we either take pains to avoid needing the information or we 
pre-load the information in large arrays.  If the javascript could ask a 
queation of the server during editing, this would be a lot smoother.

I am not familier with browser support for XML-RPC.  Which technology 
permitting javascript to dynamically query a server is most available?

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