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Wed Dec 17 12:59:57 UTC 2003

Random bits from perusing the text:

On Wed, Dec 17, 2003 at 01:22:22AM -0500, David Miller wrote:
> >> The developers' guide is getting somewhat outdated now.  It quite
> >> incomplete, and even incorrect in places now.  I've caught up somewhat
> >> so I'll be taking a look at updating it, before I look at getting my
> >> other Bugzilla commitments under control.

Ah, there's the bits on Licensing that I discussed with Gerv a while
back here, related to templatizing: when templatizing a file [*] the
original CGI file's copyright assignee should be the assignee of the new
template, and the developer hacking the template should be added to the
list of contributors.

It would be nice to have a link from there to a boilerplate that could
be browsed and cut-n-pasted.

CVS and Submitting your patch should be merged.
    Does cvs diff -p manage to get Perl function names correctly? If
    so, it's nice to add. -N is relevant too. Perhaps a tip about cvsdo
    which allows you to produce diffs with added files without write

A proposed subdivision for the document:

    # Introduction
    # Perl
        - General
        - Style
        - SQL
    # Templates
        - General
        - Web/HTML (Web Technologies)
        - Style
    # Contributing Code
        - Licensing
        - Process
        - Patches
        - Testing
    # Security

I gave Vladd a tip the other day for testing HTML compliance of
non-public pages -- after changing a template, generate the HTML code
and run it through the W3C validator.

Yes, we have Email Templates now, check out templates ending with .txt,


There should be a note suggesting the use of DBI wherever new SQL code
is written.

Hmmm, there's something emerging in the realm of cookies and
authentication that Dave, Bradley and I were discussing, but I don't
have it solid enough to be able to suggest a section, but I will once it

[*] such as the onslaught of edit*.cgi templates that Vladd's going to
perform in the next couple of days <wink>

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