How do I make $isprivate true by default on all new and AppendComments?

Habers, Mark Habers at
Mon Dec 15 20:46:39 UTC 2003

Hi Everyone,


I have what are probably 2 really simple questions based on the knowledge most of you have. I am running BugZilla 2.17.4 on Windows with an IIS front end (my apologies in advance). Our project loves the tool and I have used it for many years with previous companies on UNIX variants. Getting to the point, we are going to open up BugZilla for all of our users (8000+ of them) and we want them to be able to see the issues, and add new ones, but not be able to see what some would consider to be our offensive comments on these issues. The natural assumption on my part is that we need to start using the insidergroup, give our team members membership to that group and and then start marking our non-politically correct comments as private. The problem is that our developers will forget to do this first of all, and second, I have thousands of issues containing these offensive comments.


I need to do 2 things to protect the innocent. First, I would like to globally change every pre-existing comment from isprivate = 0 to isprivate =1(yes) in mySQL, could someone help me with a quick and dirty script to do this? Second, I would like to make the 'Private' checkbox, seen whenever a user is adding a comment on a new or pre-existing bug, default to selected. This way our developers, and myself for that matter can choose which comments we want made public in the future (if any) without worrying about all of the garbage we currently cannot let our users, managers and executive officers see.


Thanks in Advance

Mark Habers

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