Bug 69654

Jouni Heikniemi jth at mikrobitti.fi
Mon Dec 8 19:46:37 UTC 2003

On Mon, 8 Dec 2003, Christian Robottom Reis wrote:

> > Indeed. The only possible reason is user stylesheets - and we can
> > namespace those by having a id="bugzilla" on the <html> element.
> Can you summarize the conclusion here so I can add it to a guideline I'm
> putting together?

My summarization would be that there will be no prefixes to cover for
namespace issues. Should we consider it necessary at some point, let's add
an id attribute into the <html> element.

> > >best interest of the user. Does anyone have a strong opinion on this?
> > We've just been round this block with the new www.mozilla.org website.
> > Ideally, we wouldn't scale the user's font size at all.
> Ditto -- I'm not entirely sure what you meant by the last phrase. Do you
> mean no font-size: specified at all, or relative sizes only, or..?

I understood Gerv's opinion (and the following discussion) mostly as
supporting the approach where no font-size is defined for body text, but
where relative _header_ (and similar special-case) font sizes can be set
by % units.


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