Bug 69654

Jouni Heikniemi jth at mikrobitti.fi
Mon Dec 8 08:00:29 UTC 2003

At 23:20 7.12.2003 +0000, you wrote:
>You mean "This is Bugzilla"? As I said, that's not guaranteed to be there 
>- it could be an image. In fact, it was an image in the default install up 
>until a year or so ago. As it happens, I don't like what we've replaced it 
>with, and when we get a logo sorted out, I'd be up for returning to an 
>image. But the point is, it's transient - so not a good choice for our H1.

What's the point? Replace it with an image or not, the function of the 
banner is to identify the Bugzilla installation and perhaps bring some 
graphical feel into the page. The fact that it may technically be an image 
is IMO irrelevant - I find it to be a good H1 because it _semantically_ 
acts as the first heading of the page.

 >>I'd rely on DOM inspector to see where the bug is before I fire up my text
>>editor at all.
>Assuming the bug manifests itself in Mozilla...

Right. While this isn't particularly relevant here, I'll just say that DOM 
Inspector is surprisingly good help at finding CSS problems even with other 
browsers. Sure it can't catch rendering bugs, but it can help narrow down 
the problems by giving an accurate listing of which CSS rules apply and 
which don't. Cascade and selector recognition work mostly uniformly across 
browsers (as long as you exclude NS4 and don't use CSS2).


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