Bug 69654

Cory 'G' Watson gphat at loggerithim.org
Sun Dec 7 22:19:15 UTC 2003

On Dec 7, 2003, at 2:28 PM, Jouni Heikniemi wrote:
> Let's hope there will be a moment when a capable person will have both 
> the
> sufficient information and the time to do this. I think throwing some
> ideas around first is a good idea, though.

I will hopefully have quite a few bursts of time to work on this.  I 
bounce back and forth between 'irritated at the slowness', and 'excited 
by the yield' of the review/patch/comment process ;)

> Screen readers have all sorts of problems, and we're not going to be 
> able
> to solve all of them here. At this point, I feel that having a 
> meaningful
> page outline (auto-constructed from the Hx elements) is the best we can
> do. An H1 of "bugzilla.mozilla.org: Bug reporting system for Mozilla 
> and
> related products" and a H2 of "Bug 23134: Yadda yadda" is pretty good 
> in
> this sense.

Users of a screen reader will be so disgusted by the accessibility 
features of the web that they will have dropped the stuff before they 
get to Bugzilla. ;)  I suppose we should make an effort to help them, 
to be different.

> Or, more practically speaking, we should at least avoid scaling the
> default body font (fine-tuning heading sizes et al is usually more
> acceptable). It's very easy to convince me to that, but people usually
> view the default font sizes as way too large. This is not too bad with
> serif fonts, though; Arial and especially Verdana suffer from this far
> more.

I agree.  We can fiddle with headers and footers, but body fonts we 
should pretty much leave alone.

>> I'm not so keen on a single file, just from a maintainability
>> perspective. If you have some odd CSS interaction, would you rather 
>> look
>> through 20 rules to see what's weird, or 200?
> 20, of course. But if it's 200 in ten files or 200 in a single file, 
> the
> difference isn't that great. I'd still pick 200 in ten parts, but 
> mostly
> I'd rely on DOM inspector to see where the bug is before I fire up my 
> text
> editor at all.

Being not so keen on a single file for maintainability reasons seems 
oxymoronic.  I think they key to style leak is to have a watchdog over 
any new styles, and to be a but flexible in the UI.

Cory 'G' Watson

"The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment 
an incredible miracle." - Dr. John Paul Stapp

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