Christian Robottom Reis kiko at async.com.br
Thu Dec 4 14:28:10 UTC 2003

On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 10:18:37PM -0600, Cory 'G' Watson wrote:
> I began to dig into Bugzilla's templates today, looking to being 
> customizing it's L&F, only to run into things like font tags!

If you're using CVS HEAD, please search for bugs, and if there isn't a
bug to fix that use of <font> tags, please file one. I'll be happy to
review any cleanup patches! 

A lot of cleanup has already been done since 2.16, of course, so you may
be just looking at old markup. I don't claim we're perfect yet though :-)

> Since I've been looking to find a niche, this may be my chance.  I 
> don't want to duplicate effort or do unnecessary work, so where is it 
> recommended that I begin my quest to CSS-and-XHTML-ify Bugzilla 
> (hopefully making any necessary UI improvements as necessary)?

Hacking UI on an OSS project is not a trivial endeavour (and the
mortality rate is high <wink>). I'd suggest starting out by fixing HTML
compliance bugs and helping out with templates, and getting a feel for
the process and the codebase. It's fun work, but it takes some getting
used to.

Once you've got the hang of doing minor hacking and pushing code into
the tree, you can start twisting people's arms on proposals to change
the interface. I'd be happy to be your ally here, but remember we've got
a large (potentially conservative) userbase, and getting certain changes
approved is not always something taken lightly.

Take care,
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