Jouni Heikniemi jth at mikrobitti.fi
Thu Dec 4 12:03:04 UTC 2003

At 22:44 4.12.2003 +1100, you wrote:
>I have no problems with fixing invalid markup (which reminds me that its
>probably time for another gmuck run), but I don't see the need to
>upgrade our HTML just for the sake of upgrading.

I agree that upgrading HTML (especially to XHTML) isn't a real priority.

However, more effective use - or at least better support for installation 
specific use - of CSS could be a worthy target. Customizing Bugzilla's face 
could be much easier than what it is now. Still, I'm not certain we should 
start bashing the templates heavily for this - it's probably not worth the 
effort, and localizations will likely suffer. OTOH, simple changes such as 
adding some id/class attributes could take us pretty far.

The original poster wanted suggestions on where to start with making 
Bugzilla customization easier. Well, where do _you_ have a problem with 
customizing Bugzilla? What is the problem? Are you sure CSS and XHTML are 
the best way to fix it? A rewrite is always an attractive approach, since 
you'd have a good reason to mungle things to your taste. Still, it's not 
always the best one. Let's examine the disease first and then discuss the 


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