J2EE - what, if anything, does it mean to Bugzilla??

Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase] bruce.armstrong at teamsybase.com
Thu Dec 4 06:44:00 UTC 2003

Apache uses Bugzilla:


The 1.0 version of Scarab (the bug tracking system
based on Apache products that you're probably thinking
of) is still in beta:


That's probably the strongest selling point for
Bugzilla.  It's a well established product, while
Scarab is still in its infancy (actually, it hasn't
even been born yet...)

--- "J. Paul Reed" <preed at sigkill.com> wrote:
> On 03 Dec 2003 at 22:21:21, Bruce Armstrong
> [TeamSybase] arranged the bits on my disk to say:
> > It's not a matter of whether it reads XML or not. 
> If
> > they're going to maintain it, customize it, etc.,
> > they're going to want it in the language they're
> > already fluent in (i.e., Java).  It also means
> they
> > would be able to deploy it into their existing
> > infrastructure (their J2EE/JSP servers).
> Then they don't want Bugzilla, plain and simple.
> Assuming you just wanted
> something to interface in certain clearly defined
> ways with Bugzilla, then
> getting information via XML for display in a J2EE
> application should work
> just fine.
> But if you're doing anything else, then don't use
> Bugzilla. I don't
> understand this preoccupation some people have with
> wanting to use
> Bugzilla, but in some other language.
> There's already a Java-based bug tracker if you want
> that (Apache uses it,
> I guess). You (meaning Joel, I guess) should also
> talk to Jason (see bug
> 188570).
> Later,
> Paul
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