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Casey Gregoire caseyg at chsamerica.com
Tue Aug 19 17:43:39 UTC 2003

Would you think that Bugopolis would be willing to contribute that as part
of the Bugzilla documentation? I suggest this because they would be more apt
to keep it up to date as competitors’ systems change, and maybe Bugopolis
might want to help out the creators of the main component in their product
in that extent.
           Casey Gregoire
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Not directly on target with respect to this conversation, but perhaps
related, is the notion of putting comparison charts of Bugzilla with
commercial offerings on the Bugzilla site.

The process of a commercial enterprise deciding whether to use Bugzilla or
some other package usually includes a comparison of the contenders against a
list of requirements. Making that easier for the decision makers is probably
will result in more pro Bugzilla decisions as opposed to allow the
comparison to be framed by the proprietary offering's sales group.

Bugopolis will be doing this on its Web site, but there is something to be
said for having such a comparison on www.bugzilla.com
<http://www.bugzilla.com>  also.



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