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David Miller justdave at
Thu Aug 14 21:58:24 UTC 2003

On 8/12/2003 5:24 PM -0300, Ruben Squartini wrote:

> We need to "change" the OS field to something different to ENUM type, but
> only you could answer if there is a problem with that. We plan to use an INT
> type field and make some modifications in the code that give the chance to
> the user to select one existent value or to add a new one.
> Will be very useful if you could give us some hints about what (an where) we
> need to look to make these modifications.

For the type of thing you're looking to do, it might be easier to add a new
field rather than changing the behavior of that one.  You can just hide the
existing field in the UI so no one has to see it.

You'll need a table of legal values for it if you want people to be able to
add to it.  You'll probably want both a text box and a list box in the UI
for it (similar to how CC is done now, except you probably want a
single-select for it.
The text box would say "Add a new value" and the select box would say "or
choose on from the following list:" or something to that effect.  The
back-end code in process_bug.cgi/post_bug.cgi would then need to create the
record for the new item in the lookup table first, before setting the index
to it in the bugs table, if the user adds a new one.

Probably the reason nobody has answered this yet is it's a fairly
complicated question and will take quite a while for someone to sit down
and answer it thoroughly.  You may do better in this case to check into a
consultant for it (there's some listed at ) if you need a more detailed
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