Perl crypt()

Christopher Aillon caillon at
Wed Aug 13 10:07:00 UTC 2003

Mark Ingram wrote:
 > Hi,
 > Ive just been making a quick C# application to insert basic data into the
 > Bugzilla database, but it seems i cant check the login of a user because
 > Bugzilla uses the crypt() function to encrypt the passwords.
 > Is there any documentation other than
 > which would 
allow me to
 > re-create the crypt function so i can check logins correctly?
 > I know this sounds like a strange thing todo, but its because we have 
a text
 > file here (pre-bugzilla) containing old bugs and fixes that need to 
be put
 > into the database. But it would take so long to copy and paste this file
 > line by line so i am writing a parser to directly put the details 
into the
 > database.

So why not write a perl script to do this then?


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