Operating System database field

Neil Griffiths ngriffiths at climax.co.uk
Fri Aug 8 10:37:37 UTC 2003


I'm currently setting up a bugzilla installation for use internally here and
I'm a bit puzzled. Everything works fine, but I'm customising it to our

I initially ran checksetup.pl which got everything running just fine, but
we're a games company and so all the different platforms are pretty
pointless, we only need Gamecube, GBA, PC, PS2 and X-Box. It also makes the
OS field unneeded. I edited the checksetup.pl script so that OS would
contain only N/A like so:

@opsys = (

And then I edited the platforms like so:

@platforms = (

After running the script again, I saw no changes. Puzzled, I even dropped
the bugs table and restarted - but again I see the old platforms and OS
data. Where is this stored? I can't find any reference to, say, FreeBSD
anywhere in the Bugzilla directory anymore - but it's still coming up. It
must be in MySQL (unless Bugzilla caches something somehow) - but how can I
get rid of it and change it?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Kind regards,

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