Template version number updating?

Zach Lipton zach at zachlipton.com
Tue Aug 5 17:35:48 UTC 2003


checksetup.pl isn't checking template version numbers (yet). I have a patch
for it that needs some work (bug 186866).

I should be able to get it done pretty quickly, this has been sitting around
far too long (my fault).


On 8/5/03 1:10 AM, "GavinS" <bugzilla at chimpychompy.org> wrote:

> Hi, 
> The Developers' Guide says:
>> Every template shipped with Bugzilla has a version number on the first
>> line such as 1.0 at bugzilla.org. You should update this when you edit a
>> template.
>> You need to increment the major part if your updates make the
>> interface to this template incompatible with the interface of
>> previous versions. Otherwise, you need to increment the minor part.
> This doesn't seem to be happening to templates at the moment. Should
> it be, or should the guide be updated?
> rgds
> Gavin
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