Login in user without a prompt

Vijay Avarachen stalione at avarachen.net
Wed Apr 30 16:16:13 UTC 2003

Greg thanks for your response.  Actually I had already done the hidden 
trick and it works pretty well.  I just embedd the password in the html 
and pass it to post_bug.cgi.  Its not the end of the world for the end 
user to find out the password since its a very restricted account.


Gervase Markham wrote:

> Vijay Avarachen wrote:
>> Hello,
>>    I am trying to set-up a page which users will access directly 
>> (without getting prompted for a login and password) and enter their 
>> trouble ticked in there.  This page will be customized to the product 
>> they are using and they won't have to worry about the various options 
>> that usually are presented when accessing enter_bug.cgi (these 
>> options will be pre-select and hidden from them).  How can I do 
>> this?  I am not a  perl/cgi guru and goign through the mailing list 
>> archive didn't help much.  We are using version 2.14.2.   My first 
>> concern is how can I get the user to enter_bug.cg without the 
>> password prompt.  Then I would try to figure out passing hidden 
>> values to the various options specific to the user/product.  Thanks 
>> in advance.
> Removing the password prompt is a problem because Bugzilla assumes 
> that everyone entering a bug will have an account. You could change 
> the call in enter_bug.cgi from confirm_login() to 
> quietly_check_login(), but then you'd probably end up with a reporter 
> of "__UNKNOWN__", which would be a bit ugly.
> If you want hidden default values on a bug entry form, you just use 
> <input type="hidden" name="{field}" value="{value}">
> Gerv
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