MySQL 4 and Perl problem

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Sun Apr 27 01:48:10 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I just installed MySQL 4 and discovered to my surprise that the Perl DBD
module does not run, because the new MySQL version comes with instead of and all the problems
that comes with this like other so files that depend on 10 vs. 12, etc.

This means that I cannot use Bugzilla anymore and I am a bit sad about this,
since it is a great tool.

I am hoping that others out there has encountered the same problem and have
found a solution.

For more information, I am running the new Redhat 9 with the new glibc and
can therefore not install the old version of MySQL, since it does not come
with the MySQL-shared objects for version 3 compatible with the new glibc.

Please, somebody tell me that this problem is solvable...

Best regards,

Thor List

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