How to debug Bugzilla code

Jake jake at
Sat Apr 26 16:27:31 UTC 2003

Gervase Markham wrote:

> Arvind Singh wrote:
>> I am a new user of Bugzilla. I am using Bugzilla 2.16.1.
>> It's running on RedHat Linux 7.1.
>> I am trying to make changes in the processmail, process_bug.cgi, 
>> show_bug.cgi & template files.
>> How do I debug my changes ?
> print(""); ? :-)
> Adding extra values to $vars and printing them in the template is also 
> good. And the Apache error log will tell you if your changes don't 
> compile or have warnings.
warn "My value is $value";

Can also be helpful... it'll output its information to the Apache error log.

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