Bug ID domain?

Bradley Baetz bbaetz at acm.org
Sat Apr 26 00:03:26 UTC 2003

On Fri, Apr 25, 2003 at 06:17:12PM -0400, Sean McAfee wrote:
> I hadn't known that uniqueness was available as a key (ie, something that
> speeds up queries), and not just as a constraint.  Back when I did a lot
> of Oracle programming, I only ever used uniqueness as a constraint--if
> it also functioned as a key in that environment, I wasn't aware of it.

It uses an index to enforce it. However, note that oracle 'cheats', and
will not allow (NULL, 1), (NULL, 1) as two separate entries in a
uniqueindex. That doesn't amtter for what we want, though.

> >Think about the 'multiple' bit - there is no PK there since (bug, field)
> >isn't unique.
> That's true for Selection fields--there's one row per selected value--but
> not for the scalar types.

Sure, but you want multiple values for selection types.

But see my later followup comments.


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