What lies ahead

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Fri Apr 25 07:57:24 UTC 2003

> The current "2.18 goals" taken from http://www.bugzilla.org/roadmap.html
> (with completed items removed, and comments by me added):
>     * Integrate inbound email into the mainline Bugzilla code (currently
> it's in contrib and very messy, if it even still works). (94850)
> Matt Barnson says he's currently working on this, so it might get done
> before then after all. :)

I don't think it should be a stated priority. There are a few sites 
(e.g. Debian) which won't consider Bugzilla until this is fixed and 
fixed well, but most sites don't care. If it happens, great.

> Templatization and rewrite of the admin pages, while a lofty goal, and
> something we really should do, seems to be going really slow.  I'd really
> like to see this stay on the list, but we're going to have to push somebody
> into doing it I think. :)

I say we should push it out. I'm seriously considering this as my next 
big project; I did a large part of the user templatisation, so it's 
probably a bit easier for me than anyone else. But it probably won't be 
for 2.18. I'm more concerned with finishing the user-facing stuff.

>     * Customizable statuses and resolutions.
> This doesn't seem to be going anywhere lately, I'm leaning towards pushing
> this one off.

Indeed. Although isn't Cust Res much simpler than Cust Sta? Might one 
make it but not the other? They don't have to be lumped together.

>     * Out-of-the-box compatibility with Win32.
> Personally, I'd like to see this stay on the list.  As much as we all hate
> it, there's a lot of PHBs out there that won't let people do anything if
> you can't do it on Windows...  and we're so close now anyway...

It's worth having a go at, certainly - but we need a developer who 
develops on Win32 to make sure we don't keep breaking it.

>     * An optional way to pick users from a list for the assignee and
> QAContact fields. (52557 and/or 102942)
> I've seen a lot of activity on this front lately.  I think it'll make it.

Yep; I plan to do a well-architected patch for this one too.

> Comments from the peanut gallery? :)

Having someone review the new charting module would be nice. It took a 
massive effort to write it, and I'd rather it didn't sit there rotting. 
Even reviewing the integration points would allow me to check it in and 
make it much easier to fix other issues without worrying about breaking 
the rest of the code. (That's roughly what we did with the report 
rewrite anyway.)


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