Your status report needs you!

Gervase Markham gerv at
Thu Apr 24 22:59:57 UTC 2003

> 4TH DRAFT is available, BTW; new URL:

First line: comma after "maintenance release".

"a number of small bug and important security fixes", while being valid 
English, is a bit twisted. How about "fixes for a number of security and 
other bugs"?

Comma after "and refine".

Mismatched closing bracket after "incident".

"2.14.x users aren't affected by these security vulnerabilties," - 
"vulnerabilities" (yes, I know), but also at least one of them does 
affect 2.14 IIRC - the advisory says "all previous versions of Bugzilla".

"Win32 support" in 2.18 and it will probably remain a release goal." - 
isn't that jumping the gun on the discussion a little bit?


buglinks bookmarklet></a>,' - this isn't showing up due to the 
mismatched quote on the opening tag.

"which will update the status of all the buglinks in a page to have the 
correct status and tooltip." - sorry, that's poor repetition of status. 
Please change the first instance to "state".

"needed to have perl installed" - I'd probably use a capital P in this 
sense, and other places in that paragraph.


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