Your status report needs you!

Gervase Markham gerv at
Thu Apr 24 12:46:17 UTC 2003

J. Paul Reed wrote:
> On 24 Apr 2003 at 10:02:32, Gervase Markham moved bits on my disk to say:
> I haven't spell-checked yet. That comes last.

Oh, OK.

>>That seems like an unwarranted slur. What security holes?
> As I remember, there were a number of holes plugged over the months due to
> the way variables were passed and interpretted on the open() to sendmail in
> processmail.
> Do I need to find specifics?

Well, mentioning "security holes" in a non-specific way might just give
people the jitters. How about just "the source of much pain"?

> The "porting pain" should be obvious.

Oh, I agree with the porting pain :-)

>>That last sentence makes no sense. The Mozilla project has no "LDAP
>>configuration"; we don't use LDAP. Mozilla::LDAP is a generic Perl LDAP
>>module like Net::LDAP; it just doesn't seem to be maintained any more.
> Gerv: I didn't write that sentance. I'm not always the ones that writes the
> sentances that make "no sense."

I didn't say you wrote it, or imply you were to blame for its
incorrectness - no need to be so touchy :-)

>>>XUL Chrome should use |content| over |_content|.
>>Which file did this change? The sidebar? It seems like a Mozilla change.
> Yes, the sidebar:

So how come there isn't a bug number associated with the checkin? Did
caillon screw up?


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