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Bradley Baetz bbaetz at
Thu Apr 24 11:12:22 UTC 2003

On Thu, Apr 24, 2003 at 02:42:30AM -0700, J. Paul Reed wrote:
> > > As part of this conversion, LDAP logins now use Perl's standard
> > > Net::LDAP module, which in turn relies on OpenLDAP. This is a
> > > departure from using the Mozilla::LDAP modules which were using the
> > > Mozilla project's LDAP configuration. 
> > 
> > That last sentence makes no sense. The Mozilla project has no "LDAP
> > configuration"; we don't use LDAP. Mozilla::LDAP is a generic Perl LDAP
> > module like Net::LDAP; it just doesn't seem to be maintained any more.

We do use LDAP for authentication, if you configure it. Now you can use
it without having to change source code and stuff, and its been tidied

Mozilla::LDAP uses the mozilla projects' LDAP libraries. Net::LDAP uses
OpenLDAP. They both talk LDAP, but thats about it for similarities.
Net::LDAP is also maintained, while I don't think anyone is working on
Mozilla::LDAP. Net::LDAP is also standard with most linux installs (and
openldap almost certainly is). The Mozilla::lLDAP stuf isn't.

Maybe s/configuration/libraries/ ?

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