Your status report needs you!

Gervase Markham gerv at
Thu Apr 24 09:02:32 UTC 2003


> Bugzilla Status Update
> The Bugzilla Team is pleased to announce the release of Bugzilla
> 2.16.3, a maintainence release and 2.17.4, a new developers' release.


> that many included--are using 2.17 without
> incident).

Small m on - it's a domain. Possibly a comma after "play with".

> If you're wondering about the Win32 situation, it is still,
> unfortunately, unchanged. However, the Bugzilla Team is currently
> discussing confirming the goal of "out of box Win32 support" for
> 2.18. 

"discussing confirming"? :-| How about "discussing whether to confirm"?

> 87406) * New makefile-based installation system (Bug 104660, Bug
> 105854, Bug 105855, and Bug 105856) 

Is anyone working on this at all?

* Generic charting. Allows users
> to define arbitrary data sets for which historical data will be
> recorded, and then plot those data sets. Bug 16009.

"Bug 16009" needs brackets.

> a package, has finally landed. This bug moves bug mail handling (mail
> from bug submissions/changes) from the venerable external processmail
> script, the source of much porting pain and security holes, 

That seems like an unwarranted slur. What security holes?

> As part of this conversion, LDAP logins now use Perl's standard
> Net::LDAP module, which in turn relies on OpenLDAP. This is a
> departure from using the Mozilla::LDAP modules which were using the
> Mozilla project's LDAP configuration. 

That last sentence makes no sense. The Mozilla project has no "LDAP 
configuration"; we don't use LDAP. Mozilla::LDAP is a generic Perl LDAP 
module like Net::LDAP; it just doesn't seem to be maintained any more.

> JS versions of buglists
> (Gerv?) 

Buglists are now available as JavaScript structures as well as HTML and 
RDF. This allows things like the "update buglinks" bookmarklet:
which updates the status of all the buglinks in a page to have the 
correct strikeout/tooltip etc.

> expects be changed from that to the more standard /usr/bin. This
> request was never fulfiled because Bugzilla's primary installation,

This <a href> is improperly closed, meaning it runs on for the rest of 
the paragraph.

> XUL Chrome should use |content| over |_content|.
> (caillon)

Which file did this change? The sidebar? It seems like a Mozilla change.


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