[Perl Jobs] Lead Perl Developer (contract) (onsite), United

David Miller justdave at syndicomm.com
Tue Apr 22 19:47:17 UTC 2003

On 4/22/2003 8:49 AM -0400, Christopher Hicks wrote:

> Anybody need work in California?  Maybe this will be helpful.
> (It's too bad I'm on the wrong coast.  4 months to do this sounds like
> major overkill.  Sigh.)

You haven't met their QA department. :)  They will find things for you to
fix, no matter how perfect you thought the code was. :)

The Sybase conversion is already completed, fwiw.  There are several new
features they want that have not been implemented yet.

> Onsite: yes

FWIW, I already have this job (they just approved an additional position,
and we also need to replace another contractor who is leaving), so you'd be
working with me :)
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