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Good $daytime,

> Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 19:59:51 -0400
> From: Sean McAfee <etzwane at>
> To: developers at
> Subject: Re: More custom field revisions

> >5)Perhaps rename custom_field_defs.field_name to
> >custom_field_defs.ui_label to be more intention revealing.

> Your modified cfadmin.html page appears to draw a distinction
> between a field's "name" and its "display label".  Why are two
> identifiers necessary?  I envisioned that a single string would
> serve as both.

> Similarly, why draw a distinction between a selection field's "true"
> value (eg, "foo", "bar") and its UI value ("Foo Choice", "Bar
> Choice")?

Localizer's note:

If we really plan to _store_ UI presentation of a field instead of
decoding it from "true" value within customized template, then perhaps
we need "locale" field added to PK, with values according to ISO 3166.

Looking back from the future:

Let custom fields be already implemented and now we're to consider
move of existing fields to a new framework.  Actually we see a number
of fields that are either project specific (e.g. 'URL') and/or easily
movable ('Keywords', 'Priority', 'Platform' -- all fields not used
except for entry and search).

[Other fields like 'Status' and 'CC' are used somewhere in the code
and Bugzilla logic more or less depends on their values.]

What do we see?  There's no obvious use for "UI presentation" field,
as its values already belong to templates.  "True" values for
selection type fields like 'Platform' and 'Priority' are already
stored elsewhere and all UI needs are addressed within templates

What do we do?  If our intent is to reduce complexity, we move fields'
names and values to custom fields metadata and happily simplify many
edit, search and report templates.  To make result localizable, we
need to store multiple instances of field name and selection values,
one per locale.

Or we leave things as they are, storing only "true" values, and
leaving the rest to templates?


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