More custom field revisions

Jon Wilmoth JWilmoth at
Mon Apr 21 22:42:33 UTC 2003

I did NOT.
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Christopher Heiny <cheiny at> wrote:
>Sean - I'm not sure if it's you or Mozilla (1.3) or Emu Webmail, but
>message rendered as red (or maybe pink) text on a brilliant yellow
>background when I viewed it.  Could you tone the formatting down a bit?

I didn't intentionally introduce any such formatting.  There were three
text/plain attachments and one text/html attachment in the message, and
the last (modified from a page served by Bugzilla's query.cgi) doesn't
appear to refer to the color red, either by name or by hex RGB code.
I think it must be your client.

Did anyone else experience anything like this?

Sean McAfee -- etzwane at
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