More custom field revisions

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Mon Apr 21 20:53:29 UTC 2003

I've attached example of the admin screen in an attempt to "simplify"
what was already there and also adds a couple of things present in the
spec that weren't present on the ui.

On the db structure:

1)Shouldn't custom_fields.project be an integer foreign key?  
2)Wouldn't the custom_fields.field_id be the PK?
3)Shouldn't custom_field_defs have a "required" Boolean column?
4)Perhaps renaming custom_fields.field_index to
custom_fields.display_order to be more intention revealing.
5)Perhaps rename custom_field_defs.field_name to
custom_field_defs.ui_label to be more intention revealing.

Perhaps a validation table as well?  If so, the "edit" section of the
admin screen I've attached would have to be dynamic according to the
field type.

constraint_id primary key,
field_id integer not null,
min integer,
min_error_code tinytext,
max integer,
max_error_code tinytext,
mask tinytext,
mask_error_code tinytext,

This table would define the additional constraints to enforce on a field
value (probably more applicable for open text box type fields) before
saving to the db.  The "_error_code" field would refer to a template
variable defined in "global/error_codes.html.tmpl".  Mask could be a
regular expression outlining for example a date format.

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Hi, folks--

Well, there've been no responses to my custom field comments of a week
which I will optimistically interpret as a general endorsement.

Here are some additional revisions.  The major addition to the
document is a description of a custom fields administrative interface,
example of which can be seen in the attached file cfadmin.html.  The
fields schema, contained in the design document, has been updated to
for per-project field ordering.

Let me know what you think.  Thanks.

Sean McAfee -- etzwane at
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