MySQL user's Conference

Jake jake at
Sun Apr 20 01:04:53 UTC 2003

Bradley Baetz wrote:

>I'm planning to use Apache::DBI instead, mainly because it'll detect
>dead connections on startup for you, and do ->rollback, plus you can set
>up the connections when the server is forked. Its aso theoretically
>possible to share connections if using a threaded mod_perl on apache2,
>but thats not supported ATM by the DBI stuff, and we don't support
>mod_perl, so its not really important ATM. There is talk of margine
>Apache::DBI support into the main DBI code, and abstracting the 'pool'
The name of that module seems to imply a reliance on Apache which we've 
been avoiding to date. Is that a misleading name or would having |use 
Apache::DBI| in the code cause those who don't use Apache some heartache?

>Our current connect stuff is abstracted enough that its really really
>easy to change, anyway.

>>   * Compress data if possible.  gzip is quick, cheap, and makes things
>>     faster, but you can't use it if you want to search the data.
>That doesn't apply to us, except for attachments, and I don't think that
>that woudl help anything we do.
IIRC bmo has had some problems with disk space in the past, has that 
been solved now? With the amount of HTML and patch attachments I would 
think that compression would reduce the size of that table signifigantly.

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