getting MySQL AB using Bugzilla

Gervase Markham gerv at
Thu Apr 17 07:33:20 UTC 2003

J. Paul Reed wrote:
> I've been holding off on feature requests and such because 84876 and 124174
> are such foundation-changing bugs... 

With respect, 84876 isn't particularly foundation-changing, unless you 
engineer it to be. My patch was pretty simple and _a_ reasonable 
approach (though not the only one), and we've just passed the 1 year 
anniversary of me attaching it to the bug.

In addition, configuring email is by far the #1 support request we get. 
Making it easier by using a Perl module would reduce that load 
immensely, and provide a much better user experience for admins; again, 
my patch does that.

I realise there's some history here, and I've been holding off that bug 
in order to avoid another conflict, but given that it's been over a 
year, JP, I do think it's time you either commit to a deadline (soon) 
for doing the patch or allow someone else to take the bug and drive it 
to checkin.

> But, 94850 is a 2.18 blocker and an oft-requested feature, so... we know
> about it and it looks like we're committed to providing it for 2.18...
> whenever *that* release happens... ;-)

At the current rate, we certainly won't be providing it by 2.18. I 
believe the current thinking is (and I support) doing 2.18 in short 
order after 2.17.4, because we need a newer stable release.


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