getting MySQL AB using Bugzilla

Myk Melez myk at
Thu Apr 17 00:41:45 UTC 2003

Last week I went to the MySQL users conference.  I got a bunch of
information about MySQL plans for the future that I'll summarize in a
writeup shortly.  I also demoed Bugzilla to Tom Basil, MySQL AB Director
of Support, and Jim Winstead, MySQL AB Web Developer (MySQL AB is the
company responsible for almost all development work on MySQL).  They are
looking for a system to replace several different systems they use to
track bugs and IT support issues.

Getting MySQL AB to use Bugzilla would be a big win for our project,
since they would probably straighten out any MySQL optimization issues
in short order.  Jim is familiar with Bugzilla and has used it before.
He liked the templatization work we've done and is looking forward to
the current modularization drive.  Tom wasn't familiar with it and asked
what other companies have chosen Bugzilla, so I showed him the list
(thanks Gerv and others for that very timely compilation).

Jim's main question was the state of the email to bug engine, since
Monty (MySQL AB co-founder and MySQL technical lead) uses the current
one religiously.  What's the status of that?


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