Myk Melez myk at
Tue Apr 15 19:45:11 UTC 2003

Jason Corbett wrote:

> Thanks for the hints.  Gervase Markham mentioned:
> It depends what you mean by an XML-RPC interface. Even today, you can 
> send HTTP GET requests to Bugzilla to make it do things, and often get 
> the results (e.g. of buglists, or bugs) back as XML.
> Is this documented anywhere?  I saw the xml.cgi, and it looks like a 
> good interface to get
> a single bug in xml, but how would you get a list / query in xml.  And 
> is there any way to get
> a list of the different parameters, etc.  I once wrote a program that 
> logged into bugzilla, so
> I'm pretty sure that I could write an interface that can submit the 
> correct values, but is
> there any way to get the results in a non-html format?  xml.cgi should 
> work for a single bug,
> but how about doing queries?  If you do have these things, this is all 
> I would need.  I could
> write a simple Java library to access a remote bugzilla server.

Any query to buglist.cgi can return data in content types other than 
HTML.  Bugzilla natively supports RDF (an XML language), CSV, and 
JavaScript (the latter just went in recently), and you can add support 
for additional content types by creating a file that generates that type 
and dropping it into template/en/default/list/ with the name 
list.EXT.tmpl, where EXT is the customary filename suffix for files of 
that type (f.e. for RDF it's "rdf").  Then, make sure your localconfig 
file has a filename suffix -> content type mapping for that type, and 
add "&ctype=EXT" to a query string to get results back in that type.

At some point perhaps this should be encapsulated into a web service.  
As things are going now I suspect that probably will be SOAP and/or XML 
over HTTP more than XML-RPC.


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