New custom fields proposal

Joel Peshkin bugreport at
Thu Apr 10 23:51:46 UTC 2003

Gervase Markham wrote:

>> Each selection field's set of allowed values may be specified in one
>> of two ways.  A "local" selection field's values are defined by the
>> Bugzilla administrator, and are managed by Bugzilla itself.  A
>> "remote" selection field's values are taken from a table in a database
>> which need not be the same database used by Bugzilla.  
> This is all very snazzy, but does anyone have a use for it? :-)

There is a use I have, but I need to figure out if it goes far enough.....

My company maintains a "product hierarchy" in an Oracle database and 
would want many of the selections of Bugzilla fields to be tied to that 
foreign data source.   The problem is that just referencing that source 
may not be enough.  Which values I can choose from for a given field may 
be a function of a number of things (like who I am and what product I am 
in).   I have not yet figured out a way to generalize this.

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